European Chic

Brutta his fashion-forward and distinguishes itself from all other jewellery, for the ability to make meticulously crafted accessories in very simple ways and with an emotional connection with both man and woman. Our bracelets are the perfect accessory to complement with a great watch or simply to complete your daily outfit.

Having grown up in Porto, each jewel design is rooted in our eclectic life experiences and love for the art of creating. Our purpose is connecting the bracelets elegance to an innate sense of style and epitome of European chic, displaying a discrete and slightly presence of yellow.

From drawing sketches to creating moulds, melting metals and final assembly, every piece of jewellery we release is always in the search of good proportions and constant balance of the materials. We’ve invested in all of our own machinery and tools which allow us to produce high quality accessories, processed by the best tanneries, specialized in working for the best international luxury brands.